When two enigmas meet

Although there are a few scientifical theories attempting to explain deja vu, it is still a great mystery to those who have experienced it. There are two categories of people: those for whom deja vu is an unwelcome experience and those who savour it in fascination. The second category usually includes people who have a taste for mysteries and weirdness, but also inquisitive minds, thirsty for knowledge and ready to embrace the less explored and less conventional aspects of existence.

A rare and very interesting type of dreams combine the power of deja vu with the force of dreams. Just imagine the effect. Deja vu dreams create in the dreamer the strong impression that he has seen an object before, that he has been to a certain place or met certain people before. However, it is a false impression, since reality brings no confirmation of it. There are also false recurring dreams, dreams you feel you had before, but after you wake up you realize it was the first time you've ever had that dream.

A typical deja vu dream is that you find a book you had in childhood.You recognize it and, as you go through it, you remember every detail, every image, all the joy it used to give you, all the magic it brought. Then you wake up and - to your surprise - you realize you have never had that book, it has never existed in reality.