Can we be lucid in dreams?

As the name suggests, Lucid Dreaming joins together two things that are apparently unreconcileable and opposite in meaning: lucidity and dreaming. Lucidity is normally associated with being awake and has nothing to do with the state of mental confusion dreams are supposed to bring about. However, there is a whole institute in America dedicated to the study of this paradoxical concept.

Lucid dreaming does exist and there are several techniques recommended for inducing it. Theoretically, with a little exercise and will, anyone can achieve it. So why should anybody want to do that? Lucid Dreaming is a new concept that revolutionizes the whole perspective on dreams. It is thought to have therapeutical effects and is recommended in the treatment of nightmares and phobias.

So what is it all about? Lucid dreaming is basically about control - controlling a state of mind that is apparently uncontrollable. With this technique, you can choose what you dream and enjoy it to the maximum. You can make use of rational thinking and lucidity to defeat your worse fears and engage in startling experiences. Thus you end up with all the advantages of dreaming and none of the disadvantages.

Common techniques for inducing Lucid Dreaming:

With lots of practice and autosuggestion, you'll see that it will not only work but also get better and better.