Is there such thing as black and white dreams?

Do you remember the old black and white movies? Everything is in greyscale, there are no outstanding colours. This can make things a little boring, even though it's got its own advantages and one of them is that lines and shapes are clearer. We can't say the same thing about black and white dreams.

When it comes to dreams, Black and White is just another way of putting it. We might as well call them sepia dreams, or simply neutral, colorless dreams. It's usually more about lack of color information, lack of detail, vague shapes and unclear lines. While colour dreams tend to be extremely vivid, what we call B&W dreams are, on the contrary, very vague and unclear. With this kind of dreams, we are more likely to remember the general idea and the predominant sensation rather than images.

Some claim that people who grew up with black and white television tend to have more black and white dreams than people who grew up in the age of color TVs and computers. Others believe lack of colour in dreams reflects lack of imagination or intelligence. None of these theories have been proved. Scientists seem to say that there is no such thing as a black and white dream. We all dream in colors, but only remember them when they are relevant to us.