Can we hear music in dreams?

Most of our dreams are silent like an old mute movie. Even when we talk or we listen to other people talking, we can't really hear the sounds - or we don't remember hearing them. One of the worst nightmares is when we try to scream and nothing would come out. Yet not all dreams are like that. There are people who have reported hearing, interpreting or even composing music in dreams. We even have the testimony of a few composers who have been inspired by their dreams.

All those who have had such an experience testify that music heard in dreams is nothing like music heard in an awaken state. It is lived with much more intensity, almost like an ecstatic experience. Sounds are clearer and deeper and their impact is more profound. Some people report identifying themselves with the music, becoming one with it.

So often when we're awake, we are distracted by one thing or another and our attention drifts from the main target. In dreams, that doesn't happen. Everything is lived 100%, that's why feelings and experiences are intensified up to becoming a sort of ultimate reality.

Unless they know the song, people usually can't reproduce the music they heard in their dream. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.