What are universal dreams?

Universal dreams are dreams that all or most people have at least once in their lifetime, although they are often recurring ones. Some of them are pleasant, others are more like nightmares. Here are just a few examples: flying, falling off a cliff, walking on a street and realizing you are naked, getting lost, catastrophes and cataclysms (fires, earthquakes, etc), going to an exam for which you haven't prepared, getting involved in sexual activities. If you haven't had any of those dreams, you don't need to worry, everyone is different, but you must have had at least one of them.

So what makes people share a land as controversial as the land of the dreams? What makes them walk the same fields, even though, theoretically, everyone is so different? The fact that - before being different - we are pretty much the same. We all have a brain that works in a certain way, making certain connections and associations. When we're happy, we feel like flying, when we have a disappointment, it feels like falling. We would all feel extremely embarrassed if we were seen walking naked in public and we all have had our own unpleasant experiences in school, when we were caught with the lesson not learned. Pointless to mention, we all have erotic fantasies.

Of course, there are other dreams that make us different, but universal dreams are an important part of our life, reminding us we are not so different after all. We share the same fears, the same experiences, and those are often reflected in our dreams. We all come into the world with a universal heritage. The chemical reactions in our brain make us feel in a certain way. We feel happy or sad, we panic, we are excited or emotional. Dreams are the mirror of our subconscious. Everything we bury inside, everything we push behind and try not to think about comes back in the forms of dreams and nightmares. There might be things you have never thought of in your conscious mind, but if you forge deeper, you'll find them there, lurking in the dark, just waiting for an opportunity to come out.

On the other hand, life is much more than this here and now. There are voices coming from other worlds that speak to us, messages from other dimensions, hidden codes, things beyond our understanding. They are also part of the universal heritage. We all are more or less psychic, we all are more or less in connection with the future. We live in a world where everything intermingles and blends, so it's no wonder that sometimes we have premonitory dreams and weird sensations such as d�j� vu. Those things shouldn't scare us, on the contrary. We should feel privileged for belonging to such a complex and amazing reality.